Marimo Moss Ball

What is Marimo ?

Marimo is a species of filamentous green algae. The rare growth and slow growth of Marimo has made it’s species a very valuable piece in the whole world. Marimo has been a protected species in Japan since as early as 1920, defined as a natural treasure for its uniqueness and contribution to biodiversity. It is believed that by taking good care of the plant will make one’s wishes come true and good fortune in return.

Where does Marimo originated from ?

It is found in  a number of lakes in northen hemisphere.  The most well known is a lake in Japan called Akan Lake.  Some other colonies can be found in Iceland, Scotland, and Estonia.  It lives in deep lake, receiving only natural sunlight at a very low level. Thus, your Marimo only need low output of light. Any household lighting is suitable for them to perform photosynthesis.

How to rear Marimo ?

Simple, just change water once a week. No feeding or fertiliser required. It is very convenient for working adults or students whom are busy with exam to take care. However, Marimo will get sick too. More tips will be shared here.

marimo moss ball