How to Solve Marimo Worms

Today we want to discuss about the 4 common types of worms that infect marimo, they serve as a threat to the health of the marimo. These worms problems often arise during summer time, when the temperature is high. Especially in Malaysia where it’s almost all year round with the hot weather makes it prone to the birth of worms. Although some worms may not be life-threatening to marimo, but it might just not be pleasant to sight.


Type I – Wriggler

This worm is the larvae of the mosquitoes, they lay their eggs in the uncovered water of your container. The female mosquito will feed on blood when they emerge as an adult, some may even cuase outbreak of desease. Therefore, it is always good to keep your marimo in a covered container to prevent this worm from breeding.


Type II – Planaria

Planarian worms are tiny, thin and milky white in appearance. They are distantly related to flukes, and some of these worms have been implicated in skin slime problems with marine fish. They are usually seen slowly gliding over the surfaces of the tank, surfaces of the glass and under the lid of box filters.These particular worms are, at times, a problem. How do they manifest? They usually become visible when:- 1. An aquarist has overfed his/her fish. 2. The aquarium gravel is not hoovered accordingly. 3. Aquarium ammonia levels have risen.


Type III – Small larvae

This is often caused my long unchanged water, and build up of bacteria at the bottom of the marimo. Normally seen 2-3mm in size.


Type IV – brown worm

This is very small insect like worm, about size of 0.5mm hard to be seen my our eyes unless extra attention is focus to identify them. They may walk in the water just like a small bug. This is caused by stagnant water/dead water.


What can be done ? 

  • Change water every week, to prevent any form of planton from growing that will eventually lead to worm infestation due to the mass nutrient production.
  • Use a good water filtration system if you are keeping the marimo in the aquarium with fishes. Also install a UV filter along side.
  •  Treatment Salt can be added to the water if you are keeping it either in small containers or in aquariums. (We have developed Special Salt Crystal to sterile water to eliminate bacteria, at the same time has the function to kill fungus on the marimo)
  • Marimo Deworm treatment - a special deworm fornulation can be used for both small containers or aquarium. 1 ml for every 20 liters of water. Repeat the treatment for 2 consecutive days.