Frozen Flower

Frozen Flowers has the unique features that it closes when wet (Within seconds) and blooms when dry.

It is real flower,  which is a type of chrysanthemum that we process using frosting technology to sustain the softness and moisture of the flower.


Why Frozen Flower?

  • Live up to 10 years
  • Symbolize everlasting loves
  • Gifts for family & friends, & love one.
  • Brings good fortune, lucks

It is Hassle free modern living flower.
No Watering, No need sunlight, No fertilizer



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What exactly is Frozen Flower ? 


Q: Where is the flower from?

The flower is fully imported from Taiwan.


Q: Why the flower do not fade (die)?

Frozen Flowers are being processed under frosting technology in order to lock the moisture within the flowers


Q: How frequent should I water the flower?

Frozen Flower is recommend to be sprayed only 3-5 times a week.


Q: How long can the flower last without watering?

The flower do not fade(die) if you don’t water it more than a month or two. Frozen Flower requires minimal water supply. It can survive with minimal air humidity.


Q: Where can I get the flower seeds?

We are not selling any flower seeds. Flowers are arranged and sell in various vases.


Q: Will the flower grow longer or grow more?

No. Frozen Flower will not grow longer or grow more. Frozen Flower has been frozen as it will not further grow.


Q: Do I need to place the flower under the sun?

No. This is an indoor plant. Snowy Flower does not require direct sunlight.


Note: Not to expose to sunlight directly for more than 10 mins, otherwise Snowy Flower will get burnt.


Q: Can I keep the flower in air-cond. room?

Yes definitely.


Q: Can I place the flower in my office?

Yes definitely! Snowy Flower are meant to be hassle free & modern living for home and office decoration!