Door Gift

Door gifts are required in a company’s annual dinner as they can be used as a memorable item especially if there is a special corporate celebration involved.

We have 3 choices of door gift available :-

a) Marimo

Your guests will feel special to receive Marimo as door gift compared to the ordinary pen, keychains and others. Due to the nature that it is easy to take care, your guests will love it.

It has great meaning to your guests as it symbolises


Love, Happiness, and Luck


Nano Marimo (1-1.5cm) will be used as door gift as it is convenient to carry around.

487721_484694941567230_1896240042_nmarimo door gift 3


marimo door gift



b) Frozen Flower

Our Special Door Gift product – Frozen Flower.

The special nature that it closes when wet (within seconds), and blooms when dry. Your guests will be totally in love with it. Besides it has 10 years lifespan!

Is this real flower? Yes, these flowers are real. It is a type of chrysanthemum that we process using frosting technology to sustain the softness and moisture of the flower. More information can be read here.

marimo door gift (2)

frozen flower frozen flower (2)

c) Chocolate Truffles

We do supply Chocolate Truffles for door gift purpose. It is suitable for annual dinner, weddings, conference and etc.  6 Flavours available:-

  • Tantalizing Mint,
  • Fresh Brewed Coffee,
  • Crunchy Peanut Butter,
  • Gooey Salted Caramel,
  • Sinful Cranberry Brownie,
  • Tropical Toffee Coconut

Choice of 1 or 2 per box can be custom made. All our chocolates are professionally hand made by our catering team from Crudites & Canapes Catering.

chocolate truffles 2 chocolate truffles 4 chocolate truffles 3


To order do contact us by emailing us at or call me at 017-3321563 ( Ryan )