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Marimo is a gift from natures, due to the growth rate of only about 0.5cm – 1cm per year. The value of Marimo is based on the size. So what is actually Marimo ?

Marimo is aquatic pet plant that can live up to 200 years. It is green algae that has formed into a perfect ball shape. It will grow, get sick and it has greater grow under cold temperature. Best temperature ranging from 15 – 25 degree celsius as Marimo is raised in the icy cold waters of Hokkaido ( Northern Japan ).  We supply the finest quality of Marimo imported direct from Japan.

Why Marimo ?

    • It’s petite appearance, make it evergreen in an aquarium and glass bowls
    • It requires no feeding, no special lighting, just normal room temperature
    • It is like living filters, cleaning the water in aquarium and make it odor free
    • It is maintenance free, make it an ideal pet for modern busy lifestyle
    • It can be used as decorative items in home, office or any venuesbuymarimo2


Why choose BuyMarimo ?

We carry the freshest and healthiest ( can be seen from the rich green colour of its skin ) shipped direct from Japan.


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