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Marimo symbolises Love and Happiness. When it is taken good care of, it will bring good luck to its owner. The Marimo on the left is Super Jumbo Marimo (8-10cm). Very rare and we only have 4 pieces. More info here

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Marimo grows at only 0.5cm per year, thus the bigger the Marimo, the higher the value of Marimo.

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Marimo can be placed in any container as a pet as well as an decorative item. The Nano size is so small that you can bring it around with you.

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It has petite appearance, make it evergreen in an aquarium and glass bowls.

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It requires no feeding, no special lighting, normal room temperature, no heating required.

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When taken good care of, it makes the owner wish comes true. Super Jumbo Marimo looks great when put inside an aquarium

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Marimo is some pretty cool stuff. From what I gather it originally comes from a few select regions in Japan, is sometimes considered by the culture there to exist as sentient beings (because of its shape and interesting properties), and is also considered good luck. It looks great in all my tanks and the fish pretty much leave it alone. Great for shrimp especially. Very easy to keep, all it needs is water and a little light